Restaurant Booths

In order to be a smart shopper for upholstery services, you need to understand how seats are built and what causes wear and tear. As with most seats, restaurant booths consist of four main areas: frame, springs, cushion, and cover. The outer cover is all we see on a finished product, but problems with any section will lead to premature wear. An inexperienced or unprofessional upholsterer will simply replace the cover, which may seem fine because that's all you see, but if he/she does not inspect and repair ALL areas of the seat, you'll be paying for another cover far sooner than you should.

Here is all you see from outside:


Here is what you do not see:


Frame and springs
Springs can work loose from the frame
and need to be reattached
Reinforcing cloth and dense padding
This prevents the softer foam from working down
between the springs
Core foam and polyfill
Provides the comfortable feel
of a padded seat

Save time and money by having your booth seats done right by a professional upholsterer.

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