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Sample Prices

Damage and wear in car interiors depends on how hard it is used, so each job is different, but here are some sample prices to get you in the ballpark


Let's start at the top - the cost to replace the upholstery of a fairly simple vehicle – in this case a 2008 Ford E-350 van using dealer parts.

These prices are for two bucket seats (cloth ), and the foam seat pad for the bottom of the driver's seat – which is typically fairly worn out after six years of heavy use.

Priced in October of 2014

Driver's seat bottom cover $399.10
Driver's seat backrest cover
Driver's seat armrest cover
Driver's seat foam
Passenger's seat bottom cover $399.10
Passenger's seat backrest cover
Passenger's seat armrest cover
Removal and installation labor  $360.00

$2,518.67 + sales tax


For popular model cars, we can often buy replacement seat upholstery that is pre-sewn and ready to install. We simply take the seats out of the vehicle, remove the old upholstery, and install the new. Many vehicles can the upholstery replaced for somewhere in the $800 - 1,200 range for cloth and vinyl, and $1,100 - 1,500 range for leather. That is for front and back seats


If replacement upholstery is not available for your specific vehicle, we can cut and sew upholstery from rolls of fabric. A pair of bucket seats can be anywhere from $1,000 for very simple seats, to $2,000 and more for more complicated and/or custom seats.


Trucks, vans, and vehicles with seats that are high off the ground usually wear out on the outside of the driver's seat bottom. This is a result of hard rubbing as the driver slides in and out of the seat. We can usually repair this damage by repairing the foam and replacing only the worn out fabric on the seat. See our service page for an example. These repairs can often be done in the $275-425 range.


When the foam backing breaks down, a headliner will separate from the backing board and start to fall. Replacing headliner fabric often costs between $275 - $400.


There are many different types of motorcycle seats. We've recovered them for as little as $100 and as high as $800 and even more. We really need to see the seat to give you an estimate.


Restaurant booth seats are often in the $125 - 150 range, but they can be cheaper if we do several at a time. Pick up and delivery and after hours services cost more.

These prices are not meant to address your specific needs, but we hope they give you some sense of what to expect. We look forward to giving you a more accurate estimate when we see what you have.